Friday, 23 December 2011

Sketchbook character design for Pete Emslie's class

Some character design for Pete Emslie's class

Exterior painting for Mike Hitchcox's class

'The Spangled Pandemonium' poem beats and character line-up for Nancy Beiman's class

'The Good Little Girl', a little creepy story for Nancy Beiman's class

'How Do I Look' Leica for Nancy Beiman

'How Do I look' Character Line-up, Beats and Panels for Nancy Beiman's class

Nancy said that my drawing style is very much alike Tim Burton's :) she was in the same group with him studying animation in CalArts.

Layout Workbook on 'How Do I Look' story

Layout Assignment for Scott Caple


Animal skeleton sketches at ROM

Horses sketches&studies

Expression change Animation

Weight&Lift&Toss Animation

Walk&Run Animation

SackBoatWave animation