Monday, 28 June 2010

Stop-motion links

Animation Notes. Stop Motion Animation

Darkness, Light, Darkness' by Jan Svankmayer

An Interview with Aardman's Peter Lord by Wendy Jackson, Animation World Magazine, issuse 2.2 May 1997

An Interview with Graham Maidem, puppet fabricator on Corpse Bride by Ron Barbagallo 2005

The Stop Motion Animation Process

Step by Step Guide to Making Armatures

Foam Puppet Fabrication Explained! by Tom Brierton

Armatures for Stop-Motion Animation

Animation und Puppenbau - a German website for professional amatures

Ball and Socket Armature Joints: a method for making your own


The Making of 'Clara'

The Puppetry Home Page

Russian puppet animator, Ladyslaw Starewicz (1892-1965)

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