Wednesday, 18 June 2014

our 3rd year group film "Grounded" made it to Ottawa International Film Festival and to TIFF

have awesome news! It seems like our Sheridan 3rd year group film “Grounded” was accepted and will be showcased at the Ottawa International Film Festival 2014! and a little update as of March 2015, we just learnt that our film's going to be playing in TIFF Kids this spring!!
Here’s a vimeo link to our film: Enjoy!

It is an inspiring four minute short about adventures of a bunny and his little brother. The film is hand-drawn in Toon Boom Harmony. It was one awesome experience of the teamwork, dedication and successful short film production. I learnt so much this semester..and my faith in humanity is totally restored :) thank you guys for letting me experience the power of the strong teamspirit!

I so much wanted to hug everyone and so couldn't but came up with a collage of our bunny group with all my bunnies groupmates and our amazing mentor Dave Quesnelle.  Will post it here again, thank you, love you :)

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