Thursday, 11 September 2014

my internship with Smiley Guy Studios

This summer I had a chance to work at Smiley Guy Studios and it was absolutely amazing priceless experience. Before my summer internship I used to perceive myself more of a character designer but after learning symbol animation and effects, and being able effectively work in Flash I did develop confidence as an animator.

As I myself have a profound interest in environmental activism and sustainability I was super excited and honored to work on First Hand Climate Change Stories under the wise guidance of its director Alex Hawley. It’s about how native people of Yukon, in particular Gwich'in Nation were affected by the environmental change. Here is the teaser and here's the animatic for the the film:

I designed Caribou Mandala for the film and it was approved by Norma Kassi,who is doing voiceover and the main protagonist of the story and Chief of the Vuntut Gwitchin. It was so cool to get feedback from Norma herself! Out of six options Norma picked #6, the spacious one!

I love everything about mandala design and sacred geometry and I actually have been planning to come up with Sun Mandala design for my 4th year film that will be called Dance of Life. And by crazy coincidence I have had a chance to practice my mandala skills and as well as to figure out how to animate the rotation of it. ha what were the chances to work on a Mandala project during my summer internship:)

I also designed Bead Goose and Bead Mountains and animated them later as well.

Here you can find all the animation shots that I have been working on:

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